IloveJeice is a Potenial Wiki user he uses the Wiki everyday and he was born on November 12, 1993 he is 19 Years old and is very nice He is Truly Worthy of himself and to Others too he Used to have Asthma when he was 6 Years old Which is 13 Years ago that was when people found out i......i mean he had asthma In 1997 He was 4 Years old and he actually did a Back Flip when he was only 4 That HAS to be a Record in 1999 His Grandma Died Because of Aids she got in When she had it with my Grandpa and in December 6th 2012 His Mom died Because of a Car Accident ;( Then in Jan His Brother Got Divorced with a FRUCKING MEAN SON OF A FRUCKING BISH Thx for Editing :D