Kinacha) YOU WILL DIE *Makes a Supereme Ultimate Super Kamehameha Shaped Death Ball x800,000,000* THIS OUGHTA BLOW UP THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!!! (Nikad) Time To go Full Power *Goes SSJ8* I-I feel Amazing Ok Bring it On Kinacha!! *Loads up Ultimate Kamehameha Shaped Sprirt Bomb x800,000,000* (?) *Beam struggle* *Goes to Nikad's Side* (Nikad) NO!!! i can't Lose now!!!! (Kinacha) HAHAHAAH U Going to Die Now!!!! I summon The Dead Family!!! *Summons Buu* *Summons Frieza* *Summons Cell* *Summons the Ginyu Force* *Summons Omega Shenron* HAHAHAHA U GOING TO DIE!!!!! (?) *Uub Comes* (Uub) *Kills Frieza* *Kills Buu* *Kills Cell* *Kills Jeice Recoome and other* *Holds off Omega Shenron* (Nikad) Thanks Uub. (Uub) Just Kill Kinacha Already!!!! (Nikad) I'm Trying!! YAH!!!!!!! (Goku's Ghost) U can do it Nikad U CAN DO IT!!! *Goes SSJ5* KAME HAME HA!!!!!!!!!! *Fires Kamehameha at Kinacha* (Nikad) YAH!!!!!!!!!!! *Blows Kinacha Away* (Kinacha) NO!!!!!!!!! *IS Getting Damaged and Is blowed away to a Different Planet* (Nikad) Ahh it is finally Over. (Kinacha) They Think I was Killed They think i am done for But i.....have only went to mars They will see me in 2-57 Days BwahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Nikad) He is finally Killed oh *Falls* *Breathes Heavy* (Uub) Nikad U are the new hero u are.