(Kinahca) Hmm *finds Uub* Where is the saiyans (Uub) What do you mean (Uub in mind) This is the person that is going to destroy the earth maybe i should Try and Beat him up or Just Stay cool till Nikad Tries Maybe i should just Wait.........(narrator) 5 mins later (Kinahca) Well TALK! (Gohan) *comes out of Nowhere and Kicks Kinahca* (Uub in Mind) DANGIT GOHAN! (Kinahca) YOU LITTLE BRAT WHO ARE YOU?! (Gohan) I am a Saiyan from earth and i am here to destroy you! (Kinahca) Well then *Knocks Gohan out* *grabs Gohan by the neck* LOOK AT MY EYES! *Hypinitized Gohan* YOU WILL DESTROY ALL THE SAIYANS (Gohan) YES I WILL *flies away* *finds Vegeta* Hello. *punches Vegeta* (Vegeta) OW!!!! >:( (Nikad) *rapidly Punches Kinahca* (Kinahca) YOU are strong >:) How About Killing the Saiyans? (Nikad) NO! (Kinacha) Okay THEN I GUESS I WILL SEND EVERYONE OF MY DEAD FAMILY MEMBERS AFTER YOU SAIYANS (Nikad) YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE! MARK MY WORDS YOU WILL PAY!