Anime is a noun that has started many, many, "Fan wars" among Fans, Haters, And even regular neutral people.


The characters in animes are basically like those in other cartoons, except that they remember the lessons they learn in episodes, and they die. Ho boy do they die, Hell. Some even start the SHOW dead!

The HeroEdit

Theres almost NO predefined personality for the Hero. Some animes dont even have a hero, Instead focusing on just a villian. They can range from pure innocent characters. To major jerks.

The HeroineEdit

Just like the hero. There is no set personality for the Heroine. They can also sometimes be the main Hero, Or just secondary.

The RoyaltyEdit

Nobles from Princess Prince Queen and King. This might also be the hero. Their personality usually leans towards arrogant. Although they can also be kind. Or a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.

Big GuyEdit

Usually a supporting character or villian. Being a gigantic brute. This may SOMETIMES be the hero. But rarely.

The Anti HeroEdit

This is a hero whos a bit on the bad side. If a bad guy switches sides. This is usually what he will turn into.

The Villian(s)Edit

The Bad Guys of the series. Theres usually more than one. And they might sometimes be a evil overlord. Or just the leader of some group. Theres millions of different types. Too many to list.

(Will add more later)